Balance Enviro Solutions is an ecological restoration and aquatic environment construction and management company that delivers practical and cost effective outcomes in the fields of:

  • Wetland design (hydrological, nutrient remediation, bacterial remediation)
  • Wetland construction (earth works)
  • Wetland plantings (species selection, companion plantings, species provenance)
  • Wetland management (water quality monitoring, sediment monitoring, weed control)
  • Vegetation surveys (sensitive terrestrial and waterway areas for future revegetation or construction projects)
  • Council/Authority/Development natural asset management plans
  • Riparian plantings (riparian species selection and planting schemes)
  • Weed control and weed management planning
  • Revegetation design, implementation and management
  • Site management planning and monitoring
  • Indigenous commercial landscapes
  • Seed collection, propagation and plant supply

Balance has an array of experience available to it in the form of personnel with skills in:

  • Wetland design (hydrological, treatment and ecological)
  • Wetland construction and earth works
  • Ecosystem design and monitoring
  • Vegetation surveys (environmental works or project EIA/EES)
  • Natural asset management plans
  • Planting schemes and plant selection
  • Planting methodologies
  • Fauna habitat requirements
  • Water quality monitoring