Seed Collecting Service

We are dedicated to preserving Australia’s unique flora and helping to restore ecosystems across the country and seed collecting is an important part of our mission. We have a team of specialist seed collectors working seasonally to collect and bank seed from specific areas and locations, which enables us to propagate stock of the required provenance for a variety of projects and localities across Melbourne, Geelong and regional Victoria.

We track all seeds collected via a plant management database that ensures that we deliver true plant provenance to our clients with full traceability. Our seed is stored in an environmentally controlled seed storage facility.

Our Seed Collection Process

By collecting and propagating seeds from native Australian plants, we are able to help preserve these species for future generations and support the restoration of degraded landscapes. Our seed collecting process is carefully designed to ensure the highest quality and genetic diversity of the seeds we collect.

  • Collection locations: We collect seeds from a variety of locations across Victoria with true plant provenance, focusing on areas with healthy and genetically diverse populations of native plants.
  • Ethical harvesting: We follow strict ethical guidelines when collecting seeds, taking care to avoid damage to the plant or its habitat.
  • Cleaning and processing: After collection, we clean and process the seeds to ensure that they are free of debris and ready for propagation.
  • Storage: We store the seeds in a controlled environment to ensure their viability and genetic integrity.

Why Choose Our Seed Collecting Service?

When you choose our seed-collecting service, you are choosing to support the preservation of Australia’s unique flora and the restoration of degraded ecosystems. Our team of native Australian nursery experts is committed to the highest standards of seed collection, propagation, and restoration.

  • Quality seeds: We collect and process our seeds with the utmost care to ensure their quality and genetic diversity.
  • Sustainable practices: We follow sustainable practices throughout the seed collection process, minimizing our environmental impact.
  • Tracking System: Our in-house database allows us to track the plants movements from seed collection to the delivery stage

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