Revitalising Nature: Successful Environmental Restoration in Geelong

Embark on a journey of environmental renewal with Balance Enviro’s expertise in environmental restoration in Geelong. Our Highton Gully project exemplifies our dedication to creating landscapes that harmonize with nature. A major aquatic and terrestrial habitat creation within a housing development, besides Balance Enviro’s usual WSUD techniques this project required the use of a stabilisation grid system for parts of the construction. This allowed the soil to be put in place in a manner that stabilised it and removed the potential for erosion on steep banks while the plant root systems had time to establish and hold the soil structure together into the longer term. 

Challenges Faced

Highton Gully posed diverse challenges, including soil erosion and habitat degradation. Our approach to environmental restoration in Geelong integrated cutting-edge techniques for sustainable land management. We worked with the City of Greater Geelong and our client on the Wandana Gully Upgrade project in Geelong. This transformative project aimed to enhance the environmental sustainability and aesthetic appeal of the area. Together with esteemed Landscape Architect Mexted & Rimmer, Balance Enviro successfully implemented innovative solutions for lasting impact.

The Wandana Gully presented unique challenges, including soil erosion, habitat degradation, and the need for enhanced stormwater management. These issues demanded a comprehensive approach, combining expertise in landscape construction, environmental restoration, and sustainable practices.

Implementing Environmental Restoration in Geelong

1. Sustainable Landscaping Techniques
Experience the difference with our strategic use of geotextiles, a key component of our environmental restoration in Geelong projects. These techniques not only control erosion but also promote soil stability for long-term ecological health. Balance Enviro incorporated cutting-edge techniques and materials, as highlighted in the technical case study by Polyfabrics. The integration of permeable paving solutions also played a crucial role in mitigating stormwater runoff, aligning with the principles of environmental responsibility.

2. Biodiversity Enhancement
Our commitment to environmental restoration in Geelong goes beyond aesthetics. Native plant selection, inspired by our dedication to biodiversity, has transformed Highton Gully into a flourishing habitat, contributing to the region’s ecological richness, contributing to the overall ecological health of the site and adjacent Barwon River habitat.

3. Customized Solutions
Our emphasis on customised solutions served as a guiding principle. Tailoring the project to the specific needs of the Gully ensured a more effective and sustainable outcome. This commitment to customisation was evident in the utilisation of a variety of materials, plant species, and construction techniques.

Results and Impact

1. Enhanced Erosion Control
The implementation of geotextiles proved instrumental in preventing soil erosion, preserving the integrity of the landscape and protecting the newly created and existing water bodies nearby.

2. Improved Stormwater Management
By incorporating permeable paving and eco-drainage systems, Balance Enviro successfully addressed stormwater management concerns, reducing the environmental impact and enhancing the overall resilience of the site.

3. Flourishing Habitat
The carefully curated selection of native plants led to the establishment of a biodiverse habitat within the Gully. The project now stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship.


The Wandana Gully Upgrade project showcases Balance Enviro’s commitment to sustainable landscape construction. By leveraging innovative solutions from our suppliers, we successfully transformed a challenging site into a thriving and environmentally responsible landscape.

Location: Highton 3216

Location: Highton 3216

Client: Mexted Rimmer

Client: Mexted Rimmer

Date: 2020

Date: 2020

Environmental Restoration in Geelong

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