Yarra River Floating Wetlands: Enhancing Ecosystem Resilience

We have proudly collaborated on the implementation of the innovative Yarra River Floating Wetlands project – the first Floating Wetlands of its kind in Australia.

Yarra River Floating Wetlands

The Yarra River, a vital part of Melbourne’s landscape, has long been the focal point for various environmental initiatives. We have proudly collaborated on the implementation of the innovative Yarra River Floating Wetlands project. With the support of our partners, including the Melbourne City Council and WET Systems, we have successfully contributed to the enhancement of the river’s biodiversity and overall ecosystem health. We at Balance Enviro specialise in the installation and planting of floating wetlands, and this is the first Floating Wetlands of its kind in Australia.

The Yarra River Floating Wetlands initiative, a part of the Greenline Project, is a testament to the commitment of the Melbourne community towards fostering sustainable ecological practices. The project involved the strategic deployment of floating ecosystems, designed to mimic natural wetlands, thereby creating a conducive habitat for various aquatic flora and fauna. These artificial wetlands serve as a sustainable solution for enhancing water quality, reducing pollution, and fostering biodiversity in the heart of the bustling city.

We have installed and planted in 5 floating wetland modules at 3 sites along the Birrarung Yarra River in Melbourne’s CBD.

  • Turning Basin near Enterprize Park
  • Victoria Harbour Promenade in the Docklands in front of the Library at the Dock
  • Yarra’s Edge at the Docklands next to Webb Bridge

Our project management consisted of many elements of the overall Yarra River Floating Wetlands project, for example, it included the sourcing and importing all modules and materials, preparation and installation, growing of native plants and the planting of plants into the wetland.

Collaborative Efforts

Our project’s success can be attributed to the collective efforts of various stakeholders, including the Melbourne City Council, who provided crucial support and vision for the initiative. Additionally, the expertise offered by WET Systems played a pivotal role in the seamless execution of the project. Their cutting-edge floating ecosystems technology not only ensures the sustainability of the wetlands but also contributes significantly to the overall environmental resilience of the Yarra River.

Environmental Impact

The Yarra River Floating Wetlands project has yielded a multitude of positive environmental impacts. Not only will it help to improve the water quality of the river, but it will also provide a habitat for diverse aquatic flora and fauna, thus promoting biodiversity conservation in an urban landscape. The floating wetlands act as natural filters, absorbing excess nutrients and pollutants, thus creating a healthier ecosystem for all living organisms dependent on the river.

Community Engagement and Education

An integral part of the project involved engaging and educating the local community about the significance of preserving natural ecosystems within an urban setting. Through various educational programs and interactive workshops, awareness about the importance of sustainable water management and the critical role that floating wetlands play in maintaining a healthy river system was significantly raised.

The Yarra River Floating Wetlands project stands as a testament to the power of collaborative efforts in promoting environmental sustainability within urban landscapes. By fostering biodiversity, improving water quality, and engaging the local community, we all play an important part in the revitalisation of the Yarra River ecosystem and work on ensuring this trail turns into future ecological initiatives in the region.


Further Information about the Yarra River Floating Wetlands

Find out more about our Floating Wetland services around floating wetland installation and planting in our Service section.

The project is funded by the Victorian Government and is part of a wider City of Melbourne Greenline Project:

We worked with WET Systems who joined us from Newcastle for training and project management.


Wildlife observations

If you visit the floating wetlands and see and monitor wildlife, please feel free to add any wildlife observations to iNaturalist.

In the Press

Some of the media reporting on the floating wetlands:

ABC The Organic Gardener, first published October 2023 – “Reviving the Yarra River: Melbourne’s Floating Wetlands Initiative
The Dockland News, 14/12/2022 – “Floating wetlands” set to transform the Yarra River in Docklands”
Port Places, 03/02/2023 –  “Bringing new life to the Yarra River in Docklands
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Location: Birrarung Yarra River, Melbourne

Location: Birrarung Yarra River, Melbourne

Client: City of Melbourne, WET Systems

Client: City of Melbourne, WET Systems

Date: 2022

Date: 2022

Birrarung Yarra River Floating Wetlands

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